Perfume Curator

Perfume Curator


Fragrance is emotion in motion, wear what truly moves you.

– Max Forti


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Max Forti Perfume Curator

Fragrances have been a part of my life as early as I can remember. Funny enough, perfume just so happened to be one of my first words!

“Fragrances help you feel many different ways, imagine a world of possibilities and open many doors. It is a gateway to new experiences and a time-machine to emotions and memories.”

ScentXplore is one of my Biggest Accomplishments…

Why ScentXplore is so special?

ScentXplore bridges the world of niche fragrances with fragrance aficionados and content creators around the world.

2019 was the birth of ScentXplore. What an exhilarating experience that was, it surpassed and exceeded all of our expectations.

2020 was also a HUGE Success! Besides all the difficulties of the year, we managed to have more than 900 attendees watching from their homes!